Vision (English)

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Fellow Cameroonians,

I believe that you love this country, you have faith in its potential and you are ready to do what you must do to build this country for you, me, for us, the people of Cameroon.

I equally believe that we all share a vision, a vision that we as Cameroonian people have a job to finish and a country to build, and the time for it is NOW!

To start this, we must finish the job that our ancestors started. We must complete the transfer of power, begun 50 years ago and achieve our political, economic and cultural independence.

Then we must build. Build and put into place for ourselves, new definitions of power, leadership and systems of governance based on the key principles of:

  • A Cameroon, for and with Cameroonians
  • An equitable Cameroon
  • A Cameroon, united in its diversity
  • A Cameroon of excellence, leading in Africa and in the World


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