Vision and Values


     The time is now!

The time is now, for all Cameroonian men and women, to complete the transfer of power that began 50 years ago!

The time is now, for Cameroonians to create and put into practice new definitions of power, leadership and governance based on our own principles, our own values and our own interests!

  The time is now for all Cameroonians, to develop and implement a sustainable system of governance which:

  • Guarantees democracy, civil liberties and the rule of law;
  • Ensures the provision of all basic necessities equitably and efficiently; 
  • Provides a free and fair economic environment that is conducive to the creation of jobs and wealth for all Cameroonians ;
  • Promotes and ensures transparency, merit and excellence in all areas;
  • Institutes a mechanism of accountability for the use of national resources before all Cameroonians.


The time is now to put an end to a system characterized by:

    • the persistent and systematic violation of rule of law and customs of the Republic;
    • the defense and preservation of the interests of a minority at the expense of general concerns;
    • the misappropriation of public funds;
    • widespread arrogance displayed by state officials towards members of the population;
    • the loss of confidence in state institutions by the citizens;
    • improvisation in the management of state affairs;
    • the impotence of the government in the face of the enormous socio-economic challenges Cameroonians are grappling with.


We must build the future of our country on key principles:

  • A Cameroon, united in its diversity;
  • A Cameroon, with and for all Cameroonians;
  • An equitable Cameroon;
  • A Cameroon of excellence, leading in Africa and in the world.   



     Principles and Values

A Cameroon, united in its diversity

The word diversity could have been invented to describe Cameroon. Cameroon boasts of a plethora of ethnic groups, is home to two of Africa’s great indigenous peoples (the Mbororos and the Bakas), and has a colonial history which left us with two of the most widely spoken languages in the world.  Today the Cameroonian Diaspora is represented in all four corners of the globe. This diversity should be a formidable asset for Cameroon. Unfortunately, from independence to this day, we have witnessed politicians exploit this diversity as a tool to divide us, to weaken us and as regards our indigenous peoples, to ensure the progressive disappearance of cultural values and scientific knowledge that are not only part of our heritage, but part of the heritage of the world.  

The time is now to dare.  

Dare to build a bright future.  Drawing from the plurality of our traditions which, when examined closely, comprise the pillars of democracy such as social dialogue, impartial justice, the separation of powers, the structuring of the state, decentralization and much more. 

Dare to build a future by making the most of our painful colonial history, by recognizing both parts of Cameroon that opted to come together as equal entities, by acknowledging that the unification process so far has suffered many mishaps which have been detrimental to many, by coming together to define the parameters of a strategy that will enable us lay the foundation of unity that is so solid it will transform this unfortunate stumbling block in our history into a firm stepping stone for economic and diplomatic progress.  

Dare to embrace the incredible wealth in scientific knowledge and the mastery of practices for sustainable environmental management and cultural values, stored by our two indigenous peoples; to preserve and communicate this invaluable wealth as part of our national heritage. Dare to define new methods of integration which respect the dignity and honor of all Cameroonian peoples.

Dare to re-define the concept of nationality, so that Cameroonians who adopt a second nationality may keep their first if they so wish. Dare to harness all our human resources around the world, regardless of their countries of adoption, enabling them to contribute in forging the new Cameroon we so strongly desire.

Unity in diversity is one of the key principles on which we intend to dare to invent the future of a new Cameroon.

A Cameroon for and with Cameroonians

Since the colonial era, power has been detained by a privileged few who believe they can do and undo. Convinced they have no obligation to engage in dialogue, they feel they owe nothing to the Cameroonian people whom they treat with the utmost disdain. Convinced they are not answerable to anyone, all national resources belong to them and only they decide on how many crumbs trickle down to the majority. They are convinced they have no duty to produce results for anyone except themselves and their extended families: The power of the elite. Yesterday, this elite was the colonizer.  Today and for the past fifty years this elite is made up of a few Cameroonians who believe they can do anything, anywhere at any time and at the expense of the vast majority of their fellow citizens.

Now is the time to dare.

Dare to create a new definition of power which will compel those in public office to govern with the people and for the people, through constant consultation, concertation and dialogue.

Dare to institute systems which guarantee that power alternates so no one can lead the entire country based on his/her whims and caprices and stay in power forever.

Dare to streamline power so that ultimate power remains in the hands of the people and no one elected by the people to govern for a specified period of time, forgets this. 

Dare to impose checks and balances to keep those in public office on track, a mechanism that will ensure that the voice of the people is heard and its demands are permanently taken into consideration. 

The time is now to dare to put in place a state which is indeed at the service of the people. A state that measures its successes and results achieved in terms of the welfare of Cameroonians.  A state which is responsive to the political, social and economic concerns of its people.  A state which considers that each Cameroonian citizen is entitled to the best quality of services possible.

An equitable Cameroon

We have allowed our society to be polluted by «- isms ».  Tribalism, sexism, ageism, etc are the order of the day. Over the past fifty years, we have used every possible criterion to discriminate against one another, to bar the success of one another, and to hinder the growth of talents and any attempts to achieve excellence.

Now is the time to dare.

Dare to acknowledge that while our ethnic identity is an asset to every individual and to the entire nation, it cannot be a criterion for employment, admission, progress or rejection in any process whatsoever.

Dare to analyze the issue of gender discrimination underlying our religious, traditional and philosophical beliefs and accept that no nation can aspire to grow without 50% of its resources, that no freedom can be considered effective if it is denied to half of the population, and that no justice is done to one if it is not rendered to all.

Dare to accept that the respect for age as enshrined in our traditions, does not allow us to use this as a criterion to exclude youths, deny them access to resources, deprive them from jobs and freedom of speech, and alienate them from the right to sit among the leaders of the nation. 

Dare to create a system which recognizes the inequalities created by the errors of the past and which invents new ways and means of granting equal opportunities to all, regardless of differences in tribe, religious beliefs, political leanings, age or sex 

A Cameroon of excellence, leading in Africa and in the world

We are a blessed nation, a nation endowed with tremendous human and natural resources that fuel the dreams of many nations. Unfortunately, despite this immense wealth, we have allowed corruption, mediocrity and « success » through shortcuts to be established as norms in our beloved country. Despite this wealth, we have failed miserably in our economic performance; we have created chaotic social services and developed a sham of democracy. 

The time is now to dare to attain excellence.  

We must dare to analyze the best political, economic and social practices around the world and dare to develop our own performances in order to rank among the best. Dare to compare ourselves only with those who excel and never with the mediocre. 

Dare to create, invent and deliver the best quality services that ensure the greatest well-being for Cameroonians.

The time is now to dare to discard the mentality of under-development that is content with the second best, or satisfied with mediocre standards. The time is now for the individual performance of our citizens in all areas to rank among the best in the world. The time is now to dare to sit among those who define and determine Africa. The time is now to carve out our niche in the concert of nations by developing and putting forth our specific assets.

The time is now for Cameroon to lead the way.

Le Cameroun Leader

My vision for Cameroon can be broken in three main points:

  1. Transfer POWER to the people
  2. LEAD with vision and boldness
  3. Build sustainable SYSTEMS

Transferring POWER to the people means strengthening our democracy with reforms such as:

  1. Rewriting our constitution to balance the power between three branches of power. Today, the executive arm has extraordinary powers. It presides over the legislative and judicial branches. So, there is no balance and the people are not longer custodian of the power.
  2. Taking service delivery to the local level through decentralization. The idea here is about bringing government closer to the people. Today, all government institutions that regulate the provision of social services such as health and education even utilities such as water and electricity are located in Yaounde and managed by a small group of decision-makers. As a result, there is little to no access to information by citizens and limited accountability for the use of the resources of the nation. With a decentralized system, local governments will be able to provide broader access to social services and even certail utilities such as water and electricity under the citizen’s watch.
  3. A new national identity: The strength of diversity, restoring our history, drawing strength from the past to build an outstanding future

My second focus on bold and strategic LEADERSHIP is about the transformation of our economic leadership. Everyone agrees that the economic potential of a Cameroon is extraordinary, be it natural resources, human resources and mining, you name it. The current government has been unable to conduct an offensive strategy to take advantage of all the resources available in Cameroon. As a result we have a country where unemployment is between 20 and 30% according to sources, the rate of underemployment is about 80%, leaving a population completely frustrated and 40% of the population lives below the poverty line on less than $ 2 per day.

Therefore, under my plan, Cameroon will become the breadbasket of Central Africa, with road infrastructures linking us to all neighboring countries, with financial support of agricultural players, and of course technology! You cannot continue to use the hoe to become the breadbasket of Central Africa.

I also aim to elevate Cameroon into the hub of Central Africa. When you look at Kenya and South Africa, they are the gateway to their region. In Central Africa, if you want to go from Douala to Brazzaville, you may either go first to Paris, either in Addis Ababa before coming back to the region because there is no hub. I will therefore invest in transport infrastructure (airports, railways, ports) to accommodate both people and goods transiting through Cameroon, so that taxes are collected and jobs are created.

Finally, in the construction of new systems is about systemic review of our education, health, culture, security, in fact all social systems for the citizens.

Let me the example of education.  Teachers are currently poorly recruited, poorly trained and poorly paid. We need to review the entire system from the beginning to select people based on their merits and not because they paid a bribe here and there. They need a promotion because they have excelled, not because they know this or that person in the hierarchy.

What I say for education is true for health, security … police officers also are being recruited through a lot of corrupted practices, making the security of populations the least of their concern. It must be admitted they have limited resources to do their work appropriately, they can hardly make a career and excel so as to be proud of their profession. We need a complete overhaul of these systems to be able to provide basic services. We are not talking here of sophisticated services. Just basic services for the Cameroonian population


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Kah Walla presented her political platform last Saturday

Kah Walla presented her political platform last Saturday.

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